understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Everyone of you Precious Ones, that is where you come in; otherwise, there would be no imperfection in the world today. YOU MUST CHOOSE HOW THIS ENERGY IS GOING TO ACT THAT PASSES THROUGH YOUR MIND, BODY AND FEELING WORLD!

It is so easy to determine, once you know the only thing that stands between you and the Perfection which We are today, is your feeling.

Does not that sound simple? Does it sound unimportant to think that all that stands between you in your limitations today and the Perfection which We experience, is your feeling? Nothing else!”

Now you might say to Me, what about our thought?


That is why in the past, mankind have been taught that they should control their thought, but they had no power to do it, because their feeling was the powerhouse and would overrule the thought every time.

That is where the Great Blessing is to mankind today in this Magnificent Understanding which Saint Germain has brought forth, because It has taken you to your powerhouse, the place where conditions were governing your world of which you did not dream.

Now today, having come to know that you can say to your “Presence”, acting through your Higher Mental Body: “STOP THIS NONSENSE FOREVER IN MY WORLD! STOP THIS HUMAN ACTION! REMOVE THESE HUMAN QUALITIES, AND SEE THAT THEY NEVER ACT AGAIN!”

Then keep it up until you find that every human quality ceases to act!

The Messengers have done it! They are no different than you. You might say: “Well, the Messengers have had the direct Presence, the direct training of Saint Germain and the Ascended Masters. Why wouldn’t they have more power than we?”

That is not the case; I beg your pardon. Shall I explain to you why? You see, when the Messengers were here before, this particular Activity had not yet begun, and that is the reason why I am explaining it to you tonight, so you may have the Blessing and Benefit of it during the Class.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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