understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Notice, many have found difficulty in governing their feelings. Why? Because they would not change their attention from one point to the other.

You have a friend, Oh excuse Me, you have a person whom you dislike, and one you love very much. I ask you at any time to test this out. Put your attention upon the one you think has injured you or that irritates you, and notice the feeling. Then put it upon the one you love very dearly, and see the delightful, quite magnificent expansion that you feel.

Oh, do you not see, Beloved Ones, how easy it is to determine these things that are acting? Do you not see there is no excuse in the world for one understanding this “Presence’ to remain in limitation? Oh, it just cannot be done. I won’t let it be done.

You Blessed people, whom We love so much, who are standing for the Light, if you will let Us, We won’t let you stay in those limitations. Isn’t that a fair proposition?

But We cannot take you by the hair and say: “You come out of there now.” That isn’t permissible. But by the Power of Our Love and raising of your vibratory action by Our Outpouring of Love to you, We can help you in a manner that reason doesn’t describe.

The Power of the Feeling and the Outpouring of Gratitude and Blessing is beyond human appearance in Its Activity. That is why I make no attempt to describe That to you, except you feel It.

Therefore, in your activity remember always, THAT YOU ALONE ARE THE DECREER OF YOUR WORLD! You have to be! This physical body is given into your custody. What are you going to do with the energy that flows through it? That is your decision.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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