understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones, that is why the attitude of the individual, in gratitude to the Outpouring of Love and Blessings to mankind, produces such Magnificent results.

Let Me assure you of this one point. The Messengers have tried it out individually, to find that Action of the Law upon mankind; and at times, when human calls were pressing severely, shall We say, and They began to discuss the human qualities, because of the need for the understanding of the Students, and They would spend one evening on the discussion of the human qualities, They would see and feel the vibratory action of the room lower, as long as They continued to hold the attention of mankind in the Class upon the human qualities.

Then in the next Class, They would reverse it and hold the attention upon the Magnificent Powers of the “Presence”, and the Vibratory Action would lift in the room, just as steadily and surely as you raise your hand.

That is the True Activity of the Law.

WHERE YOUR ATTENTION IS, THERE YOU ARE; WHAT IT IS UPON, YOU BECOME! Never was a truer statement in all the vocabulary of mankind made than That.


Beloved David Lloyd

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