understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Oh, Dear Ones, do you know what it means to love one’s Freedom? Do you know what is flowing through My Being now to you – My Love for your Freedom; My Determination that is unyielding in the Power of that Light that beats your Heart – that your Freedom shall be yours and quickly?

That is the Power that is flowing through My Being to each one of you, and how? By a direct Ray of Light to you, each one of you, and that is My loving Service which I offer to you. And you will pardon Me, if I have not asked your permission for it, but yet I offer it.

Oh, Dear Ones, the day you stand free as I did, will you know what I mean tonight. Can you imagine with Me, for just a few minutes, My Love for this good Messenger? You probably think you love Him and Beloved Lotus, but I want to tell you, My love for Him surpasses anything that I have yet conceived; because He gave Me My freedom!

Can you wonder that I Love to move Heaven and Earth, that the whole Pathway before Him and Lotus remain a Joyous, Happy, Magnificent Manifestation of Life, that They may serve in this Marvelous Manner, and be the release of all Blessed mankind who care to listen.

I presume Mr. Ballard will take Me to task for this, but I cannot refrain from saying it, Beloved Ones. If you saw as I do, This Service that They have rendered thus far to mankind, then really, would your Love release. You think it is now, but it is only a small part of what would release then, when you saw truly the Magnificent Service which is being rendered.

No matter what mankind does or says, Their Love pours forth like a mighty river, for They have come to know that It is the only means of reaching and blessing mankind.

For remember, in all the Universe anywhere, there is no barrier to the “Presence” and Power of Divine Love. Either in the human octave or beyond, there is no barrier to the Power of Divine Love.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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