understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The intellect is not the knower. It becomes very wise in some things, so far as outer mechanical activity and things are required.

But look now, this is not speaking unkindly of the great achievement of today in the outer mechanical world of mankind, but when mankind allows the attention to remain in the appearance world or the world of activity of mankind, they have forgotten their Source, and sooner or later they will find that the energy has ceased to supply them.

That is the point that every human being reaches.

That is the reason for so-called death, because mankind has been so imbued with the attention upon the appearance world, that they have forgotten the Source of all Energy, and therefore, It ceases to act within the human form.

That is why, Beloved Ones, there are innumerable ways by which you waste your energy, through all these qualities of discord, gossip, condemnation, anger, hatred, sex and all of these qualities, which are less than the Perfection of your “Presence” and a waste of your energy.

Think of it, every one of you have experienced it. I did! I used to get very angry, then wondered what was the matter with Me afterwards; but Dear Ones, you can, in ten minutes of intense anger, release enough energy to have lasted you for thirty days.

That is the actual fact from the definite statistics which We have. You think that you keep records of all your activities out here. Well, so do We, and We don’t mind it; but We are keeping your records too, every one of you.

Do you think We are intruding? I am sorry if you think so, because We shall have to continue.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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