understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Don’t let a person, place or condition cause you to feel irritation or disturbance in your feelings for any reason whatsoever! We see and know the results that come to those who are able to shut that off. And you are, every one of you, Precious Hearts, able to do it! I expect it from every one of you!

You have the strength, courage and power to refuse now, this hour, any further acceptance of discord in your world, and you stand the Victory of Light over your mind, body and activity, and let the Power of your “Presence” flow forth like a mighty avalanche into your world, and cause Its Perfect Glory and Activity to draw to you every good thing that exists in the world.

That is why I want you to feel That with all the power of your being – your Divine Being, in the Understanding of your “Presence”.

You are not a human being any longer! One who will give attention to their “Presence” and has That Understanding, becomes a Divine Being, as quick as they feel the need or necessity of shutting out of their world all discord!

That is why, Beloved Ones, We long so much to, with Our Assistance, help you quickly to that Freedom which every one of your Precious Hearts knows is Real.

Oh, We are not concerned with what your intellect does, but We are not concerned with the Power of what is acting within your Heart. Your intellect, once it is understood, is but the accretion of the outer world; and This Heart is the anchorage of the Light of Eternity, and the Power of your “Presence” acting in the human form.

Then see the vast difference between the intellect and the Heart.

THE HEART IS THE KNOWER OF THE UNIVERSE AND NEVER, NEVER MAKES A MISTAKE; but the intellect that has gathered its accumulation from the appearance world is not founded upon reality, is not founded upon truth, because it is but human opinions.

That is why the Messengers in the beginning found such opposition when They referred to this point.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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