understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now Beloved Ones, I am endeavoring to give this from My actual Knowledge with such a power of Love and Blessing to you, that you will grasp It, and it means everyone of you Dear Hearts, every one of you, for the Law acts the same through every human being.

Therefore, Beloved Ones, determine to let us help you, and with that Great Powerful Determination, never let any kind of discord register in your feeling again, for any provocation or cause whatever;

and then see how quickly this Great Power called forth from your “Presence” will begin to produce Its Perfection in you and your world, in your physical body, in the Greater Health, Strength, Power, Confidence and then out into your world.

And It being the Great Presence of all Life, will draw to Itself all that Great Perfection which It is. It cannot draw anything else. When Life comes forth in Its Great Purity and Perfection, It cannot draw anything else to you but just what It is.

Therefore, your world, your activity, will be charged and filed with that Perfection which all Life contains, and Oh Beloved Ones, then how easily and quickly comes that Joy and Freedom which is Boundless beyond all words to describe.

Don’t misunderstand Me; I am not referring to any personalities; I am referring to the Law of Life that governs every human being on Earth and everywhere else!

If you do not understand that Law of Life and give obedience to It – and It is the only thing in the world that mankind is asked to give obedience to, It is the Law of their own Life, which demands harmony in the feeling world of the human octave, that Its Power may flow forth untouched, unadulterated by the human qualities which clothe It and carry It forth into the activity and the world of the individual.

That is why, Precious Ones, We plead with you, with so great a Love.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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