understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Follow Me again, will you please. When you call this Power of the “Presence” forth in action, It is the Full Power and Energy of the Universe.

Now that Energy will act through your human form, according to the feeling within your feeling world. It has to do it; It is the Law of Life. You cannot change it, except through your feeling.

Now then, if you want Perfection, your feeling must contain Perfection, which is Harmony. Then that Great Power called forth will flow untouched by your human qualification, and produce Perfection in your world and abundance of every good thing.

Let us follow this point with a very startling thing to the average individual. Now, don’t let this scare you in your Application. When you begin calling this Power and Energy of your “Presence” forth into action, you must know, and I am sure there is not any of you that has not experienced it to some degree, a greater power and charge of that energy flows forth.

Now then, as you continue to call this Mighty Power of your “Presence” forth and begin to gain momentum of that Great and Mighty Energy flowing in and through your body, and then, you let rush in upon you, discord, criticism, condemnation or any of those things, you charge that greater volume of energy with that same quality;

and that power of destruction in your world is ten times or twenty times greater than it was before.

Now you are responsible for that. You know the Law. You know that if you have discord in your feeling, it affects and charges your world with that quality, whatever it is.

Now then, when you call forth this Greater Power, knowing very well that It would increase that discord, if you continue to allow the discord to govern it, then individuals wonder why they do not have results from their Application.

Because they have allowed that Greater Energy they call forth to be charged with discord in the feelings, and of course, you cannot have results.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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