understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I could not in words convey to you all the Magnificent Activity which is taking place in the mental and feeling world of mankind. Will you feel with Me for a few moments your responsibility – not too much – but just enough.


Remember, there is One Substance; there is One Intelligence; One Activity. The mental world of all mankind is one!”

Now, if you have not contemplated this, it may sound startling to you, but please follow Me through.

The mental world of all mankind is one, separate from the feeling world of mankind. The mental activity of the world is here (pointing to head); the feeling world is here (pointing to solar plexus).

Just as these are definite and separate, so is the mental and feeling world of mankind separate, like two distinct octaves.

Now then, if mankind is discordant or allows discord, disturbance, criticism, condemnation, hatred, anger or any of those qualities to register in their feeling world, it is not only your immediate feeling of that, but you are opening yourselves to the entire octave of the creation of mankind of the discord that is there.

It is the Law of Life.

You enter into that creation of all mankind in that particular feeling. If it is criticism, if you maintain it to a certain degree, you will enter into the criticism of mankind. If it is hatred, and maintained for a certain period, you will enter into all that, or in other words, open yourself to the inflow of all that.

That is why tragedies suddenly occur, because mankind unknowingly do this; accumulation floods in on them and they cannot control it, and they are impelled shall I say, rather than compelled, to act under its direction.

Therefore, that becomes ungoverned force. And what is force, as you know it in the outer world today? Ungoverned energy.

Your scientific world looks upon it slightly different. But I say to you, so far as your human activity is concerned, force is ungoverned feeling, ungoverned energy.

Therefore, when you know that the fullness of that power governed, will go to an objective in the Power, Purity and Perfection of your “Presence” and accomplish anything unto which It is directed, then you will know that no longer are you subject to circumstances or conditions.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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