understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Remember on the seventh day of the Shrine Class, the Cosmic Light came to a certain point of intensity in America, where the free will of vicious individuals could be set aside. And that has made it possible for work to be done in America and the World, never known in the history of the Earth.

Now We see and know that it is not a matter of human opinions, but We know and see the Action of the Law which is acting and producing this result.

Therefore, if you will give attention to this Mighty Fact, this Mighty Truth, and let Its Power of Action give you the Assistance that you require, the Fullness of that Power which is your “Presence” will find Its Action through your world.

Therefore, in bringing about the Preparation for this coming Class, continuing in the great Achievement thus far, if you will enter into that Class with the complete forgetfulness of persons, places or conditions, I assure you, that you will come out of that Class a free being!

For the Powers are gathering with tremendous energy for this Class, and in all due respect to San Francisco, We hope to transcend the activity there. Now you blessed folks of Kansas City, please do not get puffed up over that, because the next Class may transcend yours!

There is a mighty reason for this, Beloved Ones. Do you not see, that never in the history of the World has such assistance been given mankind.

With all that I might say to you tonight, still you only comprehend a small part of what is actually taking place from the Octave of Light for the Blessing and Perfection of everyone of who is earnest and sincere.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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