understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Think of it, Beloved Ones, you think of the physical world as a great expanse of distance, do you not? Yet the only place that you can live is in your own feeling world.

You may travel the Earth over, but the only place that you live is within your own feeling world.

Oh, think of it, Dear Hearts; that is from as far as your hands extend, around like that, to perhaps fifty or more feet, according to the earnestness, to the reaching out to the Light, does that Radiance extend – I mean in Its Fullness.

You today, who have come to know this “Great Presence of all Life”, can with harmony maintained in you feelings, call Its Mighty Perfection into action without any limit.

We know you can do it. We know thousands of the students are doing it, and We know from your own achievement here in this city, that everyone of you can do it!

Therefore, Beloved Ones, won’t you let Me plead with you to put away forever all concern or thought or feeling concerning another individual or what they do?

You cannot help what someone else does, except to call their “Presence” into action to produce Its Perfection there; and that is all you should be concerned with – no other person’s world or any place or condition.

If you do, you will keep requalifying discord in your world by feeling someone else has made a mistake, and you are making a greater mistake by taking notice of it.

Do you notice that, Dear Ones, we say: “Oh, so and so made a mistake; so and so is not doing the right thing”; then what are we doing? We are seeing that in the other person! We are opening our own feeling world to the identical condition, building it by our own added force. You see?

Therefore, Beloved Ones, until mankind sees and takes command, has self-control, and has no opinion about another person, place or condition, they will go on in their limitations and We cannot prevent it!

But I want you to remember through the achievement here, I want you to know how Magnificent is the opportunity now before you!”

Beloved David Lloyd

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