understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You see, Beloved Ones, because the human has become so accustomed to accepting the appearance world almost involuntary, the individual does it without thinking anything about it. There is where the necessity of standing guard over your feeling world is.

Now, how do you do that? Not by your human feeling, Precious Ones, but by calling your “Presence” to stand guard through your feeling, then you have the power set into action that will do it.

And when you, in the outer world, are off guard, still, through your Higher Mental Body, will that guard stand and hold Its Dominion once you have charged it with – notice – feeling to take action and command.

Do you not see that here above you, between you and your Electronic Body, is your Higher Mental Body, which is the discriminating, selective Intelligence? It answers your every Call.

And do you think if you ask It to stand guard, It would ever, for one moment, day or night, be off guard? It does not require sleep and rest, but It is All-Powerful; a Body of Blazing Light!


Tonight is one of those times when I long to release your true Inner Vision and let you behold your Higher Mental Bodies – Why Dear Ones, a Form so Magnificent, so Powerful, so Beautiful! Oh, think that the human is so far from expressing that Beauty and Perfection that is There!

In the Giver of all Life, which but for our requalification, we would have a body so beautiful and perfect as one’s fondest dream could scarcely imagine. Yet we, the individual – yourself and Myself, before the achievement, alone were responsible for our appearance, for our condition, for our world, because there is no other power, no other authority in all the World but you in your world!”

Beloved David Lloyd

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