understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“So tonight, Beloved Ones, in the Full Glory of that Life into which I have entered, My Own Ascended Presence, remember – as the Messengers has described to you – that Current of Energy that swept through My body when I saw the Crystal Cup, did the Purifying Service and Activity required. Then that Purified Body ascended into the Higher Mental Body where the Transformation took place.

All human qualities disappeared; and then, as the Great Ray of Light and Energy from My own God Presence, as is shown there on the Chart, descended, My own purified physical body was absorbed into the Higher Mental Body, and entered into the Great Electronic Presence.

Then I became the Ascended Being I am today – Free, forever Free from the wheel of birth and rebirth; Free forever from all human limitations. Yet today, I can make My Body as tangible and visible in the physical octave as My body was before the Ascension.

Now do you suppose, Dear Ones, for one second, that all of the unbelief of mankind could ever alter that Great and Mighty Truth, just because some in the Western World say that could not be?

Do you suppose that that alters the Truth, when I am telling you right here from my own Experience, that I am the One that accomplished the Victory – then think all human beings on Earth could change that Truth for one second?

Awaken, Oh mankind, and let the Experience of We, who with so great a Love pour forth Our Experience to mankind, awaken and feel the Full Power of the Quality We pour forth into the feeling world, that they too may have that same Glory and Victory and Freedom.

That is why I come to you tonight, Beloved Ones who have stood so staunch in the Light. I want you to, if you will, feel with Me My Victory, your Victory in the Light.

I thank you.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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