understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Observe the Chart a moment, and see that Stream of Life and Energy coming in there and anchoring within your physical Heart. That Stream of Life contains all Intelligence, all Power, all Substance, all Life; but when That comes into your body and goes out into your world of action, It is compelled to be clothed with whatever feeling is in your feeling world!

saint germain God presence chart
If that feeling is ugly, unkind, destructive, then that must carry that destructive quality into your world, because the Law of you, as a free being compels that Light to take on that quality.

You cannot penetrate that Light with the quality; but you do clothe It with that which is in your feeling. That carries out into your world of action, and you must meet whatever was in you feeling as that come forth.

That is why once the feeling is held harmonious long enough, then that requalification will discontinue. That Great and Mighty Energy from your “Presence” will flow forth and produce Its perfecting activity in your world of action, and do it with the Speed of Lightning, as you come to understand and call It forth, and qualify It by your Conscious Application with that great speed of accomplishment.

That is what is needed today.

Mankind has the opportunity! You have the Understanding of the Law! If you will not apply It, then you can but blame yourself, or see yourself as the only cause of your continued limitations.

Now, it is quite true that not all the Students today have had the full results of their Application. Only recently are they beginning to understand the imperative need of their feeling following their attention.

If you have two activities divided, you cannot have the full results; but once your feeling will follow your attention, you will have certain results every time. Not once will you ever fail to have the answer to your Call. That is the only reason you have not.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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