understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Tonight, Dear Ones, it is so beautiful, so wonderful, all that has taken place within your feeling worlds tonight. REMEMBER, YOUR FEELING WORLD IS YOUR POWERHOUSE; and although your intellect might question, your feeling is accepting in the Fullness of its Joy and Gratitude, and that is the thing that counts.

Once your feeling accepts a thing, it will come into action in your life and world. Even your thought will not prevent your feeling accepting and acting; sometimes it retards its outpicturing, but it cannot prevent the acceptance in the feelings of that which the heart knows to be true.

So today, and as you enter into this Class, beginning on Friday, Dear Ones, will you not begin now to call your “Mighty I AM Presence” into action to make your feeling world become so still, so at peace, and your comprehension – remember your comprehension is in your Higher Mental Body;

It is your Discriminating Selective Intelligence – and when you call for that Comprehension to be clear, alert and active, then you will get the great Blessing out of this Class, and a greater one than you could possibly imagine!

For this is the Reality of Life, your Life, Beloved Ones, and will bring into action in your outer world of activity, the Fullness of that Power of Life which knows Its Dominion through the human form, but must have your Call, your willingness and harmony of your feelings, to let that “Presence of Life” transmute, transform all that has been in your world, and brings it into Its Perfection.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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