understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Oh, do you not see, Blessed Ones, that without that kindly feeling, that Love and Blessing poured out, you constantly shut the door in your own face to very things you are calling for.

Then you, with that full release and outpouring of blessings and forgiveness of all human mistakes, then you have opened wide your door for the Outpouring of your “Presence”, because there is no requalified discordant activity there to keep qualifying this released energy as it goes out.

For that is the only reason you have not Perfection today, because mankind is constantly qualifying this energy as it goes forth – clothing it, as it were, with their own feeling of discord.

Whatever the cause is, does not matter. If it is discordant or destructive, then you are compelled to experience that as it returns to you; and these days it does not get far away. It soon comes back to look you right in the eye and say: “Here I am, You created me, now what are we going to do about it?”

Oh, I tell you, Dear Ones, faster and faster is coming that return of all destructive or vicious thoughts and feelings that are sent out. They come right back and say: “Here I am.”

So Dear Ones, do not misunderstand Me, I do not mean the Great “I AM”; but that creation comes back there and says: “You are my creator, what are we going to do about it?”

Then is the time that something must be done about it, and the quickest thing in the world is to say: “Very well, I call on the Law of Forgiveness. ‘Mighty I AM Presence’, use the Violet Consuming Flame, dissolve cause and effect of that.”

Dear Ones, do you for a moment consider what it means when you, with earnest intensity, call on the Law of Forgiveness for all mistakes, your own included? It is one of the most magnificent things, as We watch from the Inner Standpoint, going forth from mankind; because that is the release of the feeling of mankind.

Once you can release your feeling into the full Hands of the “Presence”, then you will find your Victory rapidly approaching. But as long as mankind hold their own feelings right here, then the “Presence” is compelled to wait until they release everything into the Hands of their “Presence”. Then the Help can be given; then the Release can come.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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