understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“That is what I want you to understand tonight, Beloved Ones, that all the World might read those Words in that Book, Unveiled Mysteries, and feel the Glory and the Power which is there for their Freedom.

EVERY WORD THERE IS TRUE; and these poor imbeciles, a few of them in America, who have tried to show discrepancies in those Books, why, they are not fit to be called human beings, because they are spreading nothing but destruction and trying to draw people away from This Light. They should be ashamed to be called human beings, and I say that because I mean every word!

Those unfortunate creatures; what do you suppose will be their penalty in trying to draw people from This Light that every human being on Earth must seek and find some day, not only because It is the Source of their Life, but because the Great Cosmic Light is compelling it today.

People had better awaken and at least stop criticizing and condemning This Work and the Messengers if they want to survive. Because I tell you, Dear People, they are facing the Great Law, the Greatest in the Universe, the Law of their own “God Presence”.

Beloved David Lloyd

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