understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Dear People, because you have not had some gigantic manifestation at your Call, Oh, do not make the mistake or think you have not been making steady and sure progress.

How I would like to pick every one of you up and show you for a moment, the progress you have made; and you would not ever feel again that you had not made the progress, because you had not seen some astonishing manifestation or your Powers of the “Presence” called into action.

Oh, Dear people, do not make that mistake. It has not anything in the world to do with it; but your steadfastness, your loyalty to the Light and to your own “God Presence”, is the thing that counts!

Then as sure as you breathe a breath, sooner or later will come forth that Infinite Power of Light, as It came forth with this Good Brother that day when My Ascension took place.

That Power of the Release of the Light, that as He has often said to you, knows no resistance nor interference – everything of the human creation dissolves and disappears.

Dear People, you, in your Call to the “Mighty I AM Presence” and in your Call to release the Power from the “Presence”, which is Self-Luminous Intelligent Substance, which is Life, That sweeps in, through and out into your world and harmonizes.

By this Harmony, the Power reaches out Its Hand, as it were, from your “Presence” to the person, place and conditions, and solves and does the things which are required for your Happiness and your Victory.”

Beloved David Lloyd

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