understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Dear Hearts, whether you have been accustomed to it or not, you have lived in hundreds and perhaps thousands of embodiments the same as this.

We who have attained this Freedom, know This to be true; and Dear Ones, if you can accept your “Mighty I AM Presence” as the Giver of all Life and Intelligence and call It in and through you, there is only one result that can follow – your Freedom and Perfection.

Unless you can make that Call and continue It until every vestige of your limitations is dissolved, you cannot make your Ascension, and you will go on, embodiment after embodiment.

Until you buckle down and use that Violet Consuming Flame and call this Mighty Energy into action, you will never be Free!

It is within the reach of every one of you, Precious Ones, and can you imagine My Great Love, My Great Desire to give you That Assistance, when I know how long My search was?

Not only that, but since My Freedom, I have seen, that in other embodiments, I had searched and searched, and that is why It had to come in this one – My Freedom!”

Beloved David Lloyd

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