understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Believe Me, Dear Hearts, when I tell you that only as mankind willingly and joyously call the “Presence” into action to use that Violet Consuming Flame, to pass from their feet up through them, from underneath their chairs, if they be sitting down, or their bed, if they be lying down, call the “Presence” to pass that Violet Consuming Flame through them and dissolve every discordant thing from them, then they will be Free!

But unless they are willing to do that, there is no chance for them to be Free; because, Precious Ones, every one of mankind have drawn about them through every embodiment through which they have lived, much discordant accumulation which is held about them; saint germain God presence chart

and as you see the Radiance about the “Presence” in the Chart, which is the good accumulated around them through the centuries, so around the human form are the discordant qualities, which the human must dissolve before it can make the Ascension.

Now Dear Ones, today you have that Infinite Power in your Call, not only in the use of the Violet Consuming Flame to clear your world of all discordant qualities, but to take command of your mind and body, and through Its Mighty Outpouring of Radiance, set you Free, even to the Accomplishment of your Ascension!

So I want you to know, Dear Hearts, if you will, as I flash these Words before this good Messenger, that I am speaking to you tonight as one of you, Dear Hearts, one who so recently stood in a form like yours. Today I stand in the Ascended Body, wholly Free from Earth and its limitations.

Dear Hearts, as the Great Divine Director has said in His Dictations, there are hundreds in America today who, if they could accept the FEELING which I am pouring forth to you tonight of My Achievement, COULD ACCOMPLISH THIS SAME ACHIEVEMENT IN THIS EMBODIMENT!”

Beloved David Lloyd

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