understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now Dear Hearts, there are those in the World who have thought that This Experience of the Ascension upon Mount Shasta was a figment of His imagination.

Let Me tell you, it was MIGHTY, REAL, and I was there in the physical body like yours. Then the Great Law of His Presence was released, until these arms were a blazing Light you could not look into, and he took My Hands.

As I ascended and let go of His hands which grasped Mine, then as My feet were perhaps fifteen feet above His head, that Transformation from the human into the Divine took place within My body.

Do you think I did not know every detail which took place, and how I marvel at the almost viciousness of many of mankind that have refused to believe That Experience was Real and True.

I stand here tonight in your midst, declaring with the Power and Authority of an Ascended Being, which I have become, the Truth of That, for your blessing and benefit;

and let no one in the World stand before Me and tell Me that That Experience was not true, which I experienced in gaining My Freedom from the human limitations and into that Ascended Body in which I shall always remain!”

Beloved David Lloyd

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