understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Students of America, the culmination of the ages is at hand! I was in the physical body similar to yours, searching, searching as you are, as many of you have been, possibly for a longer period than I searched; and yet, as the Victory came to Me, so shall It come to you.

If you could imagine – try just for a few moments – My position in having been told in India when I was there with My Father, who was on government business, that on a great mountain in North America I would find a Man with a Crystal Cup who would assist Me to the Ascension.

Imagine, one starting out to find this place in a great country like America, where there are great ranges of mountains. Think of it – and then to find that mountain, not even knowing the State it was in.

After My father passed on and I began that search, I came to your city of New York, transferring from the Bank of England a part of my account, and that search began.

Dear Ones, can you imagine what it means to go forth in, shall I say, a strange world, for I had not been in America before. You know the Englishmen – sometimes they do not care to travel, and it had not been My privilege to travel much, but I went forth on that great mission. Think of it, Precious Ones, THE GREATEST MISSION ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH – YOUR ASCENSION!

After long years, when this good Messenger went out to meet Beloved Saint Germain on the side of Mount Shasta, and I had finally come closer and closer each month to that Focus where My Freedom was to come, and that day when I suddenly came upon Him and His kindness He offered me a drink of water, in His Hand came the Crystal Cup.

Can you imagine the feeling that surged through My Being?”

Beloved David Lloyd

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