understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“That is why in your “I AM” Decrees, the momentum you have gathered stands around you all, from the Inner Standpoint, as a Focus in which you all abide.

Then as you dwell within It and as you harmonize the outer self with the rest, each one of you receives the increasing Action of the Sacred Fire, until every Quality stands forth a Living Flame around you!

That is why the people who disregard the Messenger’s Request to come into the large Groups are missing the Greater Action of the Sacred Fire.

If they do not understand the necessity of coming together in large Groups, they are missing the Action of that Fire Element in their own individual momentum, because one individual giving your Decrees alone at home, does not draw the same Cosmic Momentum and Power which the Cosmic Law focuses into a room where there are many gathered doing the same thing!”

Mighty Victory

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