understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“When you give your “I AM” Decrees, it is not just speaking into the ethers of certain Calls and releasing certain vibratory action of energy to produce a manifestation – not at all! That is but a very small result of your Decrees.

When you begin to deal with the Cosmic Christ, which is the Infinite “I AM Presence” everywhere present, you are dealing with the Ascended Masters’ Action of the Fire Element, the Sacred Fire – because the Cosmic Christ is That!

Therefore, through your Decrees and the Flame of Love in your Hearts, you can reach, as it were, your mental hand into the Universal Ethers – anywhere and draw the Cosmic Light-Substance to yourselves through the Command of your Higher Mental Bodies, because that which comes as the Substance of Light can be concentrated and built into a Flame, until all is raised into the Activity of the Sacred Fire, which is the Master Element over the other three.

Therefore, in the momentum which you build through giving your Decrees, you are gathering Cosmic Light-Substance which becomes, when you reach a certain Momentum, an Action of the Sacred Fire around yourselves. That continues, until you stand forth the Jewel in the Heart of the Lotus of the Sacred Fire.

Then every Quality which you have intensified and drawn forth into a Momentum bursts, when it reaches a certain intensity of action, into a Flame of that Quality.”

Mighty Victory

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