understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“If you will remember, your Blessed Saint Germain and Cha Ara said to you in The “I AM” Discourses, in regard to your Call for the Tangible Presence of the Ascended Masters: “While Our Hearing is perfectly good, yet there is something in the Call which you need.”

It is more than just the release of your own Life’s Energy to come into Our Octave signifying what you desire – because when you give your “I AM” Decrees, when you keep up your Calls to your “I AM Presence” and to Us, you are impressing upon the Universal Substance around you, the Commands of your own Life Stream.

In other words, the Authority of your Flame of Life is, by the use of the spoken word, burning Its Way through the human creation in the atmosphere of Earth.

In the use of the Unfed Flame of your Life Stream, in the giving of your “I AM” Decrees and sending forth your “I AM” Music, and in the Acknowledgment of the “I AM Presence”, you are expanding the Flame of your own Divinity and imprinting upon the atmosphere about you, Its Eternal Qualities of Perfection.

Every time you allow the Unfed Flame in your Heart to go forth in an “I AM” Decree, or the release of the Great Cosmic Love of the Cosmic Christ, you are imprinting upon the Universal Substance the Authority and the Perfection of your own Unfed Flame.

That is why you came here, because in doing that, you draw the Universal Light-Substance into your own consciousness; or by your own conscious direction, you raise It into the Full Control – the Eternal Control – of your own Unfed Flame of Life.

In other words, by your own Commands, you reach out and take the Universal Substance and draw It into the control of your own “I AM Presence” by the use of the Fire Element, the Sacred Fire; and that becomes, if it be constructively qualified, an Eternal Expanding Action of the Sacred Fire within the Causal Body.

In other words, you have taken the Universal Light-Substance by the Love and the Action of your Individual Unfed Flame; you have fanned it into another Flame, and It becomes the Action of the Sacred Fire within your own Causal Body.”

Mighty Victory

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