understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones of Light, in coming to you this evening, to bring the Radiation and the Love which it is My Privilege to expand to Life everywhere, I wish you to feel what it means to know nothing but Victory.

And how do you suppose that Realization first came to Me? It came from the Explanation of the Law, and how tremendously sensitive the atmosphere about you is to your every thought and feeling, under your conscious direction.

If one understanding that, will realize the only possible Source of Eternal Victory is your own “Mighty I AM Presence” and the Beings from Our Great Octave of Life, then you will realize since the atmosphere about you is so highly sensitive to your slightest thought, feeling, and spoken word – that is always tremendously more sensitive to Our Conscious Command!

Now then, if you were fiercely determined to rend the veil of the atmosphere and see in Our Octave the Perfection of Our Consciousness, which is Eternal Victory, your “Mighty I AM Presence” would say to you, “Here is My Hand; at last the barriers are gone.”

Mankind have not understood how easily the Electronic Force in the atmosphere picks up and records the thoughts, feelings, and spoken words of the individual; but I say to you, when one has become wholly conscious of all that is within the “I AM Presence” and all that takes place when you speak those Words, “Mighty I AM Presence”, into the ethers about you, you will realize that what seems to be a barrier is not so in reality at all.

It is your privilege and should be your Joy to impress upon the Universal Light-Substance in the atmosphere, whatever you desire the “I AM Presence” to lower into your physical use.”

Mighty Victory

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