understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I want to bless you today with the Cosmic Flame of My Love, with the Full Illumination to your minds of all Victory means to you, and to impress upon your memory that only that which fulfills the Divine Plan is Victory!

When obstruction attempts to cross your pathway, raise your Swords of Blue Flame and command it annihilated! Command My Cosmic Flame of Victory to flash before you and be the Pathway upon which you tread until the moment of your Ascension, and I will make It so!!

The World shall see Manifestations that will compel Illumination, and the shattering of that which has bound mankind so long in the limitation of the senses!

Make up your minds this hour to be the Joy of My Cosmic Victory; and that Flame shall flash to you as lightning through the cloud, and I shall reach you everywhere instantly!

Let Me make you the Lightning of My Victory, the Cosmic Flame of My Love, the Infinite Power of My Forgiveness; and everything you contact shall be your Cosmic Victory!”

Mighty Victory

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