understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Victory means the “I AM Presence” is acknowledged above all! Victory means the Authority of that “Presence” saying to the outer conditions:  “‘I AM’ the Perfection forever which you call!

Harmonize and purify yourselves, and fulfill the Divine Plan as was originally intended!” 


I want you to feel deeply, today, that there is only One Victory and that is the Divine Plan Fulfilled!


That Victory is Mastery over all discord; and unless you do fulfill the Divine Plan, you will only have to again tread this pathway, in the limitations of human thought and feeling – until with every atom of your beings you place that “Beloved I AM Presence” first, and say, “I have come home to abide within Thee, My Victory!”

Who is the Victory of the Universe? The Individualized Flame from the Great Central Sun in your “Presence”, in your Heart, in your Higher Mental Body!

What do you serve in the activities of the outer world? What do the activities of the outer world give back to you which will help you gain your Ascension, or which will help you help others to Ascend?

The Ascension is the Victory, is it not, of your human journey here?

Well, isn’t the Ascension of the Earth into the Light from whence it came, the Victory of the World; and are you not supposed to be the Light which illumines the World, if you are to help it be the Victory of the Divine Plan Fulfilled?

Pamper not the human! Linger no longer in the entertainment of the physical senses, when above you abides the Master Presence of the Sacred Fire, ready to release through your physical forms those Mighty Flames that produce Manifestations of Magnitude, Beauty, Perfection, and Joy which are forever a Blessing to all Creation.”

Mighty Victory

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