understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“That Glorious “I AM Presence” above you, My Loved Ones, that Mighty, Adorable “I AM Presence”, the Supreme Victory of the Sacred Fire throughout Creation, can in one flash of a Flame from Its Hand, do for you and for others what you cannot do in physical assistance, no matter how hard you try.

I say to you, know your “I AM Presence”! Dare to put It first! Point mankind to the Heights! Show them the Reality of their every breath and Heartbeat, and you will not need to struggle longer to assist mankind in physical ways because the “Presence” will clothe you wish Its Flame, and you will do with a wave of you hand – as did the Master Jesus – that which no amount of physical effort will accomplish through the outer self.

Only as that “I AM Presence” is placed first and given all, only as the “Presence” is acknowledged as your Victory, only as that “Presence” is to you a Living Being worthy of every moment of your time and attention, will you know the Victory which “I AM”.

So long as you divide your service to Life, you will not have Victory!

There cannot be two Masters in your house, for a house divided against itself falls; and what is there in this World greater than that Self which gives you all?

I am pleading with you to be loyal to that Self! There must your love and devotion go! There must the credit be bestowed! There must the Acknowledgment be given! There alone comes to you – Heaven!

Jesus attained the Great Victory and was the Example of Its Manifestation; but He gave that “I AM Presence” all, and all the “Presence” had, enfolded Him in Its Cosmic Powers which made Him Supreme over this World forever.

But do you realize, My Loved Ones, that your Victory is the Victory over the things of the World! Over the human feelings of the World! Over the Streams of Energy in this World which want to pull you away from the “Presence”, or draw your attention upon the limitations of human discord and mistakes!”

Mighty Victory

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