understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You have the opportunity of being the Cosmic Sun of Victory Supreme and the Divine Plan Fulfilled – to bless all you contact with Permanent Happiness. Why should you discuss each other or your mistakes?

I am here to bring you the Freedom of your Victory, and ask the Cosmic Victory in Its Mighty Flame of Eternal Happiness to clothe you with Its Sacred Fire, and you never remember aught again but the Glory which is ahead.

You have been in the shadows for many centuries. You no longer need to stay, for the Door opens wide ahead of you, to live forever in the Victory of the Light!

Go forward, My Brave Ones! My Love enfolds you! The Flame of Cosmic Victory in the Divine Plan’s Fulfillment beckons you on to the Goal of your attainment; and there lies naught but Happiness between you and your Attainment, if you remember Me!

My Dear Ones, please from this hour take your stand that the Fulfillment of the Divine Plan, every moment you exist here in the physical body, is the only thing to which you give your attention, your love, and your energy!

He who has the courage, the strength, and the power to place that Glorious “I AM Presence” above all on the Planet and say:  “There alone belongs the attention of mankind! There will I give My love and devotion! There will I point all mankind to the Heights! There will they receive the Power which frees them all, and to that Height alone do I give my all” – is Master of all!”

Mighty Victory

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