understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I say tonight, when in distress take your attention off yourself – the outer self, regardless of what the distress seems to be!

Command that attention to go to the “Mighty I AM Presence” and the Cosmic Beings who are rendering Service to the Whole World, and try to comprehend something of the Magnitude of those Life Streams – in Their Service to the Earth and Their Fulfillment of the Divine Plan;


and see if after an hour’s of contemplation, love, and devotion in watching Their Gifts to the rest of the Universe, you can come back to the little self and longer feel sorry or in distress.

When above you is the Infinite Opportunity for your Cosmic Victory, why let this outer self make you a slave to its limitations?

Forget yourselves, My Loved Ones; and I say to every one of you, regardless of your manifestations, I am not interested in your mistakes of the past, any more than I would be interested in your limitations of the present.

I am interested in expanding My Love and Joy through you, My Feeling and Flame of Victory – to go through and set you Free! I am not interested in your mistakes or your limitations; otherwise I would not be Victory!

The Beloved Goddess of Light told you that the Higher Mental Bodies of individuals often stand with the Hands over the Eyes, that They may not behold your iniquity – showing that the Higher Mental Body is not interested in your mistakes or your limitations!

That is what the Master Jesus meant when He said, “See no man after the flesh!”

If you are interested in the mistakes and the limitations of those about you, you will be the Outpicturing of the aggregate mass of all you see!

To Me that is not Victory! You do not need to know all about the shadows in order to understand about the Sun!

The shadows can teach you nothing about the Sun, but the Sun can annihilate the shadows! The shadows may pass between you and the Sun; but the shadows never get into the Sun, and they cannot take It out of existence!

Just so with your attitude to the rest of mankind!””

Mighty Victory

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