understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“These Glorious Cosmic Beings through many aeons of time have poured the Love of Their Life Streams to the people of Earth in every Age! When the Light was expanding, those Life Streams gave Their Love to help expand It.

We stand in the Cosmic Hour of Victory, to give the Wave of Love on Its Cosmic Action and Power which, this time, becomes the Enfolding Garment to the Earth for Its Cosmic Victory forever.

You, My Beloved Ones, are part of the Garment of Light, the Victory of Life to the Earth!

Will you, each one, consider yourself a Part of the Mantle of Light-Substance which, enfolding the Earth, purifies and raises it once more into the Luminosity of its Divine Pattern?

The Luminosity of the bodies of the mankind of Earth, of the structure of Earth itself, and the atmosphere of Earth alone, is Victory! The Ascension of each individual is the Victory of each Life Stream, and each Life Stream is but an atom of this World.

The structure of Earth itself must become luminous; for it must ascend into that Vibratory Action of the Ascended Masters’ Consciousness, wherein the Light from the Life Streams who have embodied in this World becomes the Enfolding Flame of Love to raise the Planet and Its substance into the Glory of the Sun!

The Planet Earth must again blaze the Light which sings Eternal Happiness to the rest of Creation, for the shadows sing not the Song of Life!

Only the Light sings the Song of Victory! Only the Light Sings the Song of Blessing to Life! Only the Light gives the opulence of the Universe for the use of mankind on the Earth! Only the Light forgives the existence of the shadows! Only the Light is God’s Authority over all!

The Light which comes from each one’s own Life Stream – that Glorious “I AM Presence” and the Higher Mental Body, the Light from the Physical Sun and the Great Central Sun, the Light from the Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings who minister to the people of Earth, the Light from the Seven Mighty Elohim who built the Earth, the Light from the Powers of Nature and the Forces of the Elements upon the Earth and within it – only that Light is the Victory of Life!

Only that Light is Authority on this Planet!”

Mighty Victory

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