understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“My Beloved Family of Victory, I am with you again! (applause-audience rising) Thank you, Precious Ones. I shall charge that with the Cosmic Flame of Victory, for your Victory and the Victory of Light everywhere! Thank you, Precious Ones! Won’t you be seated.

Since this is the Season of Victory, Happiness, and Light, it is quite apropos that I come to give My Love, My Blessings, and My Victory, for the Reception of your Blessed Master Jesus’ Mighty Love – as It increases in Its Intensity and in Its Outpouring tonight, tomorrow, and in that which is to follow.

I am greatly privileged to render whatever Service I may to increase His Love, Blessing, and Outpouring of Light to the Earth, since He as the Prince of Peace is the Victory of Light!

My Brother Jesus is the Cosmic Victory of Light to this Earth; and I am honored and privileged to herald the Greater Release as It comes from His Glorious Life Stream this night to touch the Earth once again in Its Expanding Radiance, pour forth Its Healing Love Flame, and bless with that Cosmic Fire Element, all upon the Earth in the Cosmic Authority of the Sacred Fire of Victory forever!

The Beloved Mary, in the Great Victory of Her Love to the Earth, with the Mighty Jesus pours the Great Cosmic Healing Flame for the Healing of the nations of the World.

May I prepare Her Way for the Greater Cosmic Flame of Her Love and Healing to come to the Earth – because as the Cosmic expansion takes place each year, in the greater acceptance by mankind of all that Jesus, Beloved Mary, and the Elohim of Peace mean to the Earth, I am privileged to be a part of Their Victory too.

May I herald the approach of the Mighty Flame and Expansion of Its Authority – mark you – from the Elohim of Peace; and may I lay My Mantle of Victory on the Pathway before Them, to let Their Flames burn through all upon the Earth, until the Victory of Love comes to all.”

Mighty Victory

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