understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The outer world has been acknowledging war, has it not? It has acknowledged everything it did not want; hence it is experiencing what it has acknowledged.

But now the World is getting weary of what it has, and it is looking towards the Prince of Peace, Our Beloved Master Jesus. It is looking toward the Beloved Mary, toward the Mighty Elohim of Peace!

The outer world knows not the Elohim of Peace; but their call to God as they know it, for Peace and the God Presence from the Central Sun, which provides the Focus for the Flame of Peace to the Earth, expresses Itself through the Mighty Elohim of Peace.

Will you call forth the Victory of Peace, the Victory of Love, the Victory of Forgiveness, the Victory of Happiness, the Victory of Freedom, the Victory of Light, the Victory of Healing, the Victory of every quality you could ever desire – the Victory of Supply, the Victory of Wealth, the Victory of everything Divine?

I can serve you, My Loved Ones, in everything you contact or use, until the moment of your Ascension.

Do you wonder I have come week after week to get this anchored within you, to make you see the importance of your Acknowledgement; to make you feel the Flame of My Love and My Victory, until one day the atmosphere – like a hand drawing the curtain aside – reveals to you My Presence and Those who have come with Me!

You are part, My Loved Ones, of the Legions of Victory! You are part of the Legions of the Light! Therefore, go on, and on, and on, acknowledging the Victory you really want; and – in everything which seems to oppose that – as if you swept it aside with your hands, command the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory to take the place of that which would seek to disturb.”

Mighty Victory

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