understanding the “i am” …that is you..

“My Dear Ones, you don’t yet understand how much you can grow in the outer world today, when you contact the human. The first effect upon you, if you let it, is to crowd out your Acknowledgement of the “I AM Presence”, or try to make you forget to call Our Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory wherever you happen to be;

but that is to make you realize that the pressure of the outer world appearance can come before you like a cloud before the Sun, and shut off temporarily the habit within you, in daily recognition of your “Presence” when you are not disturbed!

Many of you continue your Application with great Joy when there is no outer world interference; but when something suddenly sweeps in which takes your attention from the “Presence”, don’t let it stay off the “Presence” one second longer than it takes to handle the condition.

Form the habit the moment you see something wrong, of commanding Perfection to its place! Then go right back to the “Presence” and the Ascended Host, and give Us acknowledgement and acceptance and say, “Come forth here and help us correct these conditions.”

My Dear Ones, We stand by your sides many times when you don’t even know it. Sometimes when the struggle seems a little severe and then things all work out harmoniously, you many times do not realize who stood beside you and made the Harmony appear!

You have Mighty Friends, My Dear Beloved Ones – Ascended Master Friends of Mighty Power! You are never left alone! (applause – audience rising)

Thank you, Precious Ones. I accept that and replace it with My Love, to make you feel Our Victory and your Mastery, your Joy and your Freedom completely. Thank you so much. Won’t you be seated.”

Mighty Victory

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