understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Supposing tonight that We remind you to call forth your Eternal Divine Memory of My Victory, because many of you have seen the Cosmic Flame of My Victory released often in the past, to produce Perfection for all that is of the Light.

I have loved you a long time, My Dear Ones, as have Others from Venus. For a long time We have poured forth Our Cosmic Flames of Love and Victory, for your Victory;

and there have been many, or at least six Golden Ages on the Earth wherein the Harmony in the feelings of mankind made a condition wherein they could come in contact with Us, because of the Harmony of the Earth in those Ages.

Therefore, My Victory which I have told you is of Hundreds of Thousands of Years of Activity, Hundreds of Thousands of Centuries – is a Momentum which no unascended being has attained.

Thus will you realize that when a condition seems to thwart you, or there seem problems and temporary interference from so-called human authority, begin to call My Victory into action;


but remember, It is Cosmic Victory, and that is always fundamentally Cosmic Forgiveness, or rather Cosmic Love, Cosmic Forgiveness, and Cosmic Victory because there must come Love before you can forgive!

Therefore, My Victory is the Cosmic Flame of Victory’s Love from the Planet Venus to where I journey for a time.”

Mighty Victory

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