understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I am come, Beloved of the Light, to bring the Flame of Cosmic Victory closer within your own Life Streams and your activities in the outer world. In pouring My Radiance tonight, I want you to feel the Great Cosmic Love and Forgiveness of My Victory.

I have come to strengthen the Fire Element within you, or rather to expand It, and release those Qualities which shall enable you easily and freely to overcome all that is of the human; and in its place, flash the Flame of My Love and My Victory to compel all substance, energy, and consciousness wherever you move, to yield you the Victory for which you call.

If the Earth is to have Freedom in the Light, then those who know the Light and carry this Light, must call forth this Victory of Light which “I AM” to the Earth! My Victory must be acknowledged everywhere that It seems not to be!

Every set of circumstances which seems to you a problem must be commanded to become My Victory; then shall I establish My Flame in and around you, if you will remember to call It forth.

You might desire Victory within your Hearts and within your feeling world, but unless your Acknowledgment and insistence on the Release of the Flame of My Victory goes forth into the atmosphere of Earth, then it would always remain in you as a desire, instead of a manifested condition which gives release and relief to the rest of Life around you!

My Victory must be acknowledged, because My Victory is Cosmic for Eternity! My Victory knows no opposition!

Your own concept of your Victory could come forth into outer manifestation to give you Victory for a time, but if something destructive suddenly swept in and you accepted it, the condition would be reversed; but not so with My Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory! Never in your experience can anything ever affect or change It!

If you will always remember to qualify the Word “Victory” with Cosmic Victory, because that is what belongs to this System of Worlds – not all mankind’s human creation put together could ever requalify It.”

Mighty Victory

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