understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You have accepted discordantly qualified energy; why not accept the Supreme Authority of the Sacred Fire, to go forth and use your Scepter of Power! Then you not only have your Freedom, but oh, you feel the joy and the thrill of accomplishment, when you raise that Scepter of Flame and command all human qualities consumed from all that you contact.

That is True Happiness – to see Life Streams awaken in Peace and Happiness and Freedom, when you have cut away those creations! It is Joy indeed, My Dear Ones, as you have such an experience, when We have assisted you that far.

So, I am going to release you from resentment today; and watch out that you don’t say to yourselves, “Oh, I don’t have any resentment”, because the thing inside of you which wants to make you believe that, is the very resentment you want to get rid of, and it is trying to live longer to fool you again! That is self-justification, and it is not wise either.

There are three things connected with the outer self which should be completely annihilated – self-pity, self-justification, and self-deception.

You don’t need to justify anything that you do. When you do a thing that is right, it is the “Presence” doing it; so you let the “Presence” justify it to someone else. Don’t you be concerned about it.

The human that wants to justify itself is your enemy, and will remain your enemy until you dissolve and consume it – I am speaking of the discord, not the body.

Arthritis would be unknown; indigestion could never be; and lack would cease from the Earth, could mankind understand that they must let go of resentment and use their Scepter of the Sacred Fire in blessing, to flood God’s Love and Perfection where discord seems to be.

Oh, My Dear Ones, please conquer, please – I plead with you – conquer every feeling in yourselves of bristle and of irritation towards people or things because they don’t do what you think they should. That is resentment!

All irritation is resentment! Criticism and condemnation are resentment! Passing of judgment is resentment!

Resentment has an infinite number of forms which mankind don’t recognize; and that is why it has held control so long – because it had one disguise after another under which it has acted, while gaining energy to live longer to torment mankind, when the Law of Life is Freedom, Peace, Happiness, and Blessing to all.”

Mighty Victory

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