Isis Unveiled: chapter I (an axiom of hermetic philosophy)

“Ergo sum qui sum” – An axiom of Hermetic Philosophy.

“As the cycle proceeded, man’s eyes were more and more opened, until he came to know “good and evil” as well as the Elohim themselves. Having reached its summit, the cycle began to go downward. When the arc attained a certain point which brought it parallel with the fixed line of our terrestrial plane, the man was furnished by nature with “coats of skin”, and the Lord God “clothed them.”

This same belief in the pre-existence of a far more spiritual race than the one to which we now belong can be traced back to the earliest traditions of nearly every people.

In the ancient Quiche manuscript, published by Brasseur de Bourbourg – the Popol Vuh – the first men are mentioned as a race that could reason and speak, whose sight was unlimited, and who knew all things at once.

According to Philo Judaeus, the air is filled with an invisible host of spirits, some of whom are free from evil and immortal, and others are pernicious and mortal.

“From the sons of El we are descended, and sons of El must we become again.”

And the unequivocal statement of the anonymous Gnostic who wrote the Gospel according to John, that “as many as received Him”, i.e., who followed practically the esoteric doctrine of Jesus, would ‘become the sons of God”, points to the same belief.

“Know ye not, ye are gods?” exclaimed the Master.

Plato describes admirably in Phaedrus the state in which man once was, and what he will become again: before, and after the “loss of his wings”; when “he lived among the gods, a god himself in the airy world.”

From the remotest periods religious philosophies taught that the whole universe was filled with divine and spiritual beings of divers races. From one of these evolved, in the course of time, ADAM, the primitive man.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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