understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“One of the Victories I want you to have is complete Release immediately in these bodies from all distress. (applause) Thank you so much. I think We will set that Flame into action.

Oh, My Loved Ones, you have no idea how My Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory can burn away all substance which is not pure and of the Light.

I wish you might experiment with something. You could not do this unless you were by yourselves at least for one day, with no intrusion from the outer world; but I wish you might experiment with singing My Song of Victory, and just acknowledging Victory in everything you do just for one day – qualifying it with My Victory, charging all the substance in your world, and refusing acceptance to everything but My Victory. You can do it!

You don’t quite realize your Authority over substance, My Dear Ones, nor your Power of Qualification. You have the Power, do you not, to put gasoline in your automobiles, pour it in there? You have the power to put your foot on the pedal, push the gas pedal; you have the power to run that automobile where you please, even if it is up a lamp post.

Of course that is not Victory, but you do have the Power of Qualification to direct the energy and the gasoline to do what you want it to do.

Well then, do you deny Me the right to direct the Flame of Love from My Heart into anything which is causing your distress, and to turn it out and say, “I have come to abide – you must be gone!”

You see, you do have the Power to qualify all the energy in your world, all the substance in your world with whatever you call forth – whether it be from your “I AM Presence” or whether it be from an Ascended Master or Cosmic Being.

You do have the Power to call forth whatever quality you want, and charge it into anything you desire to produce whatever that quality will outpicture!

Well, since My Cosmic Flame of Victory is far more comfortable than some of your problems and some of your bodies, you ought to remember Me at least for one day!

I want to give you the experience of feeling yourselves blazing with My Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory in everything you do, for just one day – that the Comfort, the Joy, the Feeling, and the Mastery of that Experience will bring such Tremendous Power to you, that you will never forget It again, and you will never cease to make your Calls.

Then, I can do certain things for you which move you forward, the Victory of your Heart’s Call.”

Mighty Victory

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