understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Will you remember Me this week? It is not so much to ask to remember Someone who loves you, Someone who give you Release from all distress, Someone who gives you what you cannot obtain for yourselves as yet, Someone who has your good at Heart and knows the Destiny to which you must attain, and is trying to help you attain it.

Could you not remember Me this week? Will you try? Will you try to keep your attention upon Me and the Cosmic Flame of Victory which I represent to the Earth?

If you will, I think I can come back to you in many ways which will make you realize that the Victory for which you are calling is a very tangible, practical, ever-present Manifestation, which you can have act through everything, as you make the Call and keep your attention upon the Fulfillment of your Call.

I said “I AM” Victory! and Victory casts no shadows!

Therefore, this coming week will you keep your attention upon My Light of Victory, and not remember the shadows? Let us see if you can do it!

I should not have to come to you every Sunday in order to remind you of My Presence. I would like to have you remember Me every day! I may not intrude; but if you will remember Me, you know it is coming Christmas time, and I might have many Gifts for you. (applause – audience rising)

Thank you, My Family of Light! You are really loyal to the Family Name.


Thank you so much, Precious Ones. I offer that to your Beloved Saint Germain, and I offer it to the Mighty Elohim of Peace for the Victory of World Peace to come swiftly throughout the World. Thank you, Precious Ones. Won’t you be seated please.”

Mighty Victory

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