understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Victory, My Beloved Ones, is always the Action of the Sacred Fire, because temporary domination by destructive forces is not Victory. That is stolen authority and is nothing but hypnotic control.

When I come in the Tangible Body to reveal the Victory of all centuries to come, to the people of America and the World, I bring the Fire of Love and Forgiveness!

I bring the sustaining Action of Life with a Cosmic Pressure that automatically passes through all things, and burns away all that has no right to exist through the centuries to come.

Do you know, nothing has a right to exist on this Earth unless it is My Victory, which means the Perfection of the Divine Plan fulfilled and manifested, in ever-expanding Glory for all Eternity! That is what I represent to the Earth!

I represent External, Expanding Perfection of the Divine Plan made manifest; and Freedom and Victory are Twin Brothers. Now there is something for you to contemplate. That is why I love your Saint Germain.

Since your Mighty Saint Germain chose to try out His Experiment of bringing this “I AM” Knowledge into the outer world, if you will remember, the Beloved Nada and I stood with Him. I will stand with Him, and I stand with His Family of Light!

I stand to make everything in America the Purity, the Love, and the Forgiveness which enables the Light of Perfection to bring forth the Fulfillment of the Divine Plan throughout this Nation, and keep It Self-luminous and expanding throughout all time to come!

Therefore, I have chosen of My own Free Will to help your Beloved Saint Germain to cleanse the Earth, so Victory, which “I AM”, may reign everywhere and bring Saint Germain’s Freedom to all Life on this Earth!”

Mighty Victory

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