understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Temporary release, My Beloved Ones, from distressing conditions is not Victory! I represent Permanent Perfection! That is why I have come tonight to give you My weekly Charge of the Flame from My Temple of Victory, which means Permanent Perfection in your world!

You have all many times had a certain amount of harmony and a certain amount of comfort and accomplishment – a certain amount of happiness; but something took it away from you again, didn’t it?

Well, why not this time let us qualify it with My Cosmic Victory of Hundreds of Thousands of Centuries; and if you choose to charge My Cosmic Flame of Victory into all the substance and energy of your worlds and command It to glow and become Self-luminous, command It to continue to expand without limit – know that It is Eternal.

Once you feel the Manifestation of Perfection, seize It and say, “You are mine forever!” Then will I say to you, “I know you!” Then will I recognize that the Master in you – your Higher Mental Body – has taken Its Dominion through those flesh forms permanently, and has announced that Its Authority is in action.

I wish, this week, that you would not acknowledge anything but the Eternal, Cosmic, Ever-expanding Victory of My Perfection; and let Us see how much ease We can give you in those bodies in the coming week.

Your Victory, My Loved Ones, is imperative in America if Our Cosmic Flame of Victory is to fill your Land, and correct conditions which otherwise will destroy that which Saint Germain and the Great Ones have given you.

The mass of people want ease and release from distress, but they do not know the Law whereby they can call into outer action the Permanent Victory which must come, if the Divine Plan is to be fulfilled.

Therefore, you who know this Law are the HOPE OF THE WORLD!

You understand the Law! It is up to you to issue the Command, send forth the Decree in the Authority of the Words “I AM”, for Permanent Victory – Eternal Victory, if you please – to expand in Its Almighty Manifestation!

Command that It has already taken possession of the United States of America and Her people, Her resources, and Her destiny.


Stand ready to defend her Light until It expands to cover the Three Americas, expands again to cover the Earth, and closes in upon all that is of discord and consumes it.”

Mighty Victory

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