understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“As you approach the Seven Sacred Weeks, the Mighty Cosmic Action of Love and Light will be released by Beloved Jesus, Beloved Mary, and the Mighty Elohim of Peace. You will find that Cosmic Pressure called forth in addition to My Victory, My Flame of Victory, which I have offered.

In the acceptance of this Assistance from the Great Central Sun, you will find the Pressure of Light increasing hourly for all who will accept It and call It forth!

One day, you must stand within It and know that your “Mighty I AM Presence”, your Acknowledgment of the Cosmic Light and the Sacred Fire are enough for you!

Then through you, will blaze the feeling of your mastery over outer conditions.

Until that hour comes, We stand guard and render every Assistance through Radiation and otherwise, as well as Instruction, to bring you to the point where YOU FEEL the Power of your own Light, and you watch It go forth and perform according to your Command.

The day that you see It and feel It at the same time, and know that this Sphere of White Fire and Blue Lightning of Divine Love stands around you – then will you know what the Authority of your Life Stream means, and what is ahead of you in the Victory of your own Mastery!

Thank you for your efforts during this past week in acknowledging your Victory! Go on, and I say try to acknowledge It more often!

Everything you touch, command it to become My Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory to make it Self-luminous, and command it to bless everything in Creation with My Victory also – and We shall move forward!

The shadows shall flee at your approach, and the Light claim all into Its Heart – the Heart of My Victory forever; for “I AM” Saint Germain’s Victory, and His Freedom to the Earth forever!

Thank you so much.”

Mighty Victory

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