understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Those of you who were here last night, were surely aware of the Power in the “I AM” Music which Our Beloved Frederick played. In three quarters of an hour of that sound going forth into the room, your emotional bodies were quiet; you were at ease; there was an Inner stillness, and an Attunement took place within the Light of your Life Streams which does not come except through this “I AM” Music!

When you realize what can be done to still the discordant rates of vibration through the use of the “I AM” Miracle Music of the Spheres, My Dear Ones, you will never know until your Ascension what a Great Opportunity lies before you this hour to bless all through the Power of this “I AM” Music, with the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory in Its Illumining Presence.

As It sweeps over a city or nation, that Flame burns away human selfishness and discord, and awakens mankind to their own “I AM Presence”! It makes it impossible to control anybody by hypnotic suggestion.

It is My Power of Victory that must be called forth to annihilate hypnotic control and suggestion, and to let that Cosmic Flame which “I AM” take the place of all human suggestions of the shadows which have been imposed upon the Life Streams of mankind upon this Earth!

So shall it be, and We shall move forward into greater and greater Victory each hour!”

Mighty Victory

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