understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I want you to feel My Determination today, which is part of My Life’s Flame of Victory! I think you could stand some of My Life’s Flame in the atmosphere over this city today. You can command to become Self-luminous! You can make your Calls that all substance over this city be so charged with Blue Lightning from the Great Central Sun, that not one human thing remains.

And Beloved Helios will assist you as well. He answered your Calls many times recently! I have watched Him! I have watched your Calls go forth and the Answer come through.

Oh, My Dear Ones, just acknowledge the POWER, POWER, POWER OF LIGHT – THE POWER, POWER, POWER OF VICTORY; and if need be, charge yourselves with the Ascended Masters’ Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Determination to accept nothing but the Light and the Ascended Masters’ Eternal Divine Memory, which gives you the Reminder to often charge the Great Blazing Light into everything.

You are Victorious, My Beloved Ones! Don’t you accept for one second, anything but the Victory of the Light for which you call! The Power of Light for which you call! The Protection of Light, the Opulence of Light!

Light stands ready to flood you every moment with all that is within Its Heart!

The Ascended Masters, the Great Cosmic Beings, the Great Angelic Host, the Great Beings from the Central Sun, the Great Central Sun Itself – every Being of the Fire Element and the Great Cosmic Light, your own “Mighty I AM Presence” and Higher Mental Bodies and those of all mankind, are always ready at any moment to help you flash the Light! to expand Its Perfection and Its Miracles! to blaze through you Their Victory! to give you all of Their Qualities! to release through you Their Mastery, and make you the Fullness of the Perfection which is the Divine Plan’s Fulfillment!

With all of this Assistance to give you everything that Life holds with which to make you happy and give your Victory, I say no more acceptance to the shadows!

With all that is in Creation, Light is ready to answer you on the moment.”

Mighty Victory

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