tktt: Is The Theosophical Society A Money-Making Concern?

“Enq:  Again, and I say this on the authority of your own Journal, the Theosophist, there’s a Rajah of India who donated to the Society 25,000 rupees. Have you not thanked him for his great bounty in the January Theosophist for 1888?

Theo:  We have, in these words, “That the thanks of the Convention be conveyed to H.H. the Maharajah…for his promised munificent gift of Rupees 25,000 to the Society’s fund.”

The thanks were duly conveyed, but the money is still a “promise”, and has never reached the Headquarters.

Enq:   But surely, if the Maharajah promised and received thanks for his gift publicly and in print, he will be as good as his promise?

Theo:  He may, though the promise is 18 months old. I speak of the present and not of the future.

Enq:  Then how do you propose to go on?

Theo:  So long as the T.S. has a few devoted members willing to work for it without reward and thanks, so long as a few good Theosophists support it with occasional donations, so long will it exist, and nothing can crush it.

Enq:  I have heard many Theosophists speak of a “power behind the Society” and of certain “Mahatmas”, mentioned also in Mr. Sinnett’s works, that are said to have founded the Society, to watch over and protect it.

Theo:  You may laugh, but it is so.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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