tktt: Why, Then, Is There So Much Prejudice Against The T.S.?

“Enq:  Cannot you give more details about these, so that I may know what to answer when asked – a brief history of the Society, in short; and why the world believes all this?

Theo:  The reason is simple. Most outsiders knew absolutely nothing of the Society itself, its motives, objects or beliefs. From its very beginning the world has seen in Theosophy nothing but certain marvelous phenomena, in which two-thirds of the non-spiritualists do not believe.

Very soon the Society came to be regarded as a body pretending to the possession of “miraculous” powers. The world never realized that the Society taught absolute disbelief in miracle or even the possibility of such; that in the Society there were only a few people who possessed such psychic powers and but a few who cared for them.

Nor did it understand that the phenomena were never produced publicly, but only privately for friends, and merely given as an accessory, to prove by direct demonstration that such things could be produced without dark rooms, spirits, mediums, or any of the usual paraphernalia.

Unfortunately, this misconception was greatly strengthened and exaggerated by the first book on the subject which excited much attention in Europe – Mr. Sinnett’s “Occult World.” If this work did much to bring the Society into prominence, it attracted still more obloquy, derision and misrepresentation upon the hapless heroes and heroine thereof.

Of this the author was more than warned in the Occult World, but did not pay attention to the prophecy – for such it was, though half-veiled.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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