tktt: Why, Then, Is There So Much Prejudice Against The T.S.?

“Enq:  And are they known to many of you, or to yourself alone?

Theo:  I never said I knew them. I may or may not know them – but I know of them, and this is sufficient; and I defy them to do their worst. They may achieve great mischief and throw confusion into our ranks, especially among the faint-hearted, and those who can judge only by appearances. They will not crush the Society, do what they may.

Apart from these truly dangerous enemies – “dangerous”, however, only to those Theosophists who are unworthy of the name, and whose place is rather outside than within the T.S. – the number of our opponents is more than considerable.

Enq:  Can you name these, at least, if you will not speak of the others?

Theo:  Of course I can. We have to contend against (1) the hatred of the Spiritualists, American, English, and French (2) the constant opposition of the clergy of all denominations; (3) especially the relentless hatred and persecution of the missionaries in India; (4) this led to the famous and infamous attack on our Theosophical Society by the Society for Physical Research, an attack which was stirred up by a regular conspiracy organized by the missionaries in India.

Lastly, we must count the defection of various prominent (?) members, for reasons I have already explained, all of whom have contributed their utmost to increase the prejudice against us.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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