understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“When you say: “‘I AM’, ‘I AM’, ‘I AM’! BY ALL OF GOD’S LOVE I KNOW ‘I AM’! the Only Presence acting”,  feel your Higher Mental Body enfolding you instantly. Feel that Sphere of White Fire enfolding you, the outer Radiance of Blue Lightning of Divine Love; and then know, ”I AM’ the Victory of that Light!”

This will enable Us to pour forth on your Decrees a Cosmic Action of that White Fire and Blue Lightning, which will enable them to be fulfilled with very much greater Speed and Force of Action.

Now I wish, if you care to accept the Idea, that you would charge your hands, your feet, the radiation of your bodies with the Power of the Blue Lightning of Purity and Divine Love from the Great Central Sun!

Use those exact words – to command and to compel everything you touch to become instantly Self-luminous, and as Pure as the Heart of the Goddess of Purity!

Then follow with whatever other Ascended Master Qualities you desire, and My Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Victory, so that you give recognition to the fact that Our Light passing through your body, is of such Cosmic Power and Magnitude that It changes everything you contact into the Perfection of that which is Self-luminous – in other words, that which radiates Light!

This will have a Tremendous Power of Blessing; and you will find it much easier to keep the things in your world in Perfect Divine Order, as you realize that within your Life and the Flame of God’s Love from your Heart, you have the Power to bless everything you touch, into the Luminosity or Purity of Life’s Perfection, into the Luminosity and Victory of My Hearts Flame!

You may charge what you will, My Beloved Ones, into that Energy as It goes forth from your hands! You may produce what you will, when you feel deeply that the Light from above goes through you, and the Light is the Action of all Perfection – or rather, is the Manifestation of all Perfection – and you as the Flame, are the Intelligence which sends It forth!”

Mighty Victory

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